QMI News – Technology & Research Team Winter 2020 Newsletter

The Technology & Engineering are pleased to have released their winter 2020 newsletter. Please see the introduction from Dr. Chris Eizaguirre and a link to download the full newsletter below to stay up to date on developments from the team.

This year has been extremely difficult for many of us. In these tough times, I find it uplifting and inspiring to celebrate successes.

Commercialisation and entrepreneurship are part of the success stories at QMUL. I am so pleased to see in this newsletter the continued outstanding portfolio of opportunities created by your research.

I am impressed to read the stories of how Academics and business have navigated these difficult times to make their aspiration become reality. I would encourage you all to reach out to QMI to discuss your ideas as the commercialisation of research is one of the priorities of our Faculty.

Wishing you all the best in your research journey.