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Why License QMI Technologies?

We work with prominent scientists at Queen Mary University of London, one of the UK’s top research universities, ranked seventh in the UK for the quality of its research (REF 2021).

We establish a strong intellectual property position for Queen Mary technologies and work closely with academic teams to validate the commercial potential of their innovations. Our experienced team at QMI have a diverse and comprehensive knowledge of technology commercialisation, having conducted a wide variety of licence deals with businesses ranging from start-ups to major industry players.

QMI engages researchers across a broad range of academic disciplines and sectors, including pharmaceuticals, life science, medtech, engineering, electronic engineering, computer science and materials science.

We welcome enquiries from companies interested in licensing our technologies. We also welcome general enquiries from companies interested in alternative ways of working together.


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If you would like to find out more information about our technologies or have any queries, please contact the relevant team member using our contact information found on our team profiles.